Misty is a stunningly unique variegated silver. Her coloring starts out cream at the feet, changing then to light silver and finishing to a deep silver down the middle of her back and on her ear leathers. Misty came to us a diamond in the rough. I had originally wanted to purchase her stunningly gorgeous brother which was a deep red with black tipping all over his coat, only the second I had ever seen. I was told that her brother was definitely not for sale, but would consent to selling  his sister to me. After a good bath and grooming to get the mats and tangles out, I realized what a prize I had gotten! Misty has a very pretty face with the most expressive eyes. Her disposition and temperament is very quiet and gentle. She is a wonderful mother, and has passed on not only her temperament to her puppies, but her beautiful sweet face and eyes. Misty is solidly built, with a very square body and wonderful long legs. Her coat is VERY thick with the tight Poodle curl, which she also passes on to her offspring. She is a larger sized toy, but has mainly produced small to regularly sized puppies. Her daughter is pictured in my slid show on my homepage. The colors in her background are: silver, red, cream, apricot, and black. She is mainly out of the Unicorn lines. Misty is registered with the American Kennel Club.

Registered Name: Fillingame's Morning Mystique



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