My sweet, sensitive, quiet, loving Chrissy.  She is truly a sweetheart! Chrissy is a dog after my own heart. She is so very eager to please, that she was a breeze to train. Her coloring is very unique. She is a red and white and black parti-color. When she was a small puppy her spots of red where outlined with a tiny ring of black hair, and instead of red spots on her ears like that which is on her body, they are as you see, black spots. Chrissy is as gentle as a lamb, so you can bet my surprise when she turned into a tiger with the other dogs, when her litter was born. Lord help them if they came over to her pen to investigate, but was still as gentle as a lamb to us. I didn't know she could even bark or growl! Chrissy has a very beautiful face and square body. Her legs are long and her coat is very soft and thick, with wonderfully soft curls. Chrissy has produced two outstanding litters, both containing a very rare sable and white in each, and t-cups in both also. I am excited to now have a tiny red and white male that I will be breeding to her when he matures, so watch for those puppies sometime next year! If AKC ever allows Parti's into the ring, I would not be surprised if something from this little girl ends up in front of a judge in competition. Chrissy is registered with the American Kennel Club.

Registered Name: Fillingame's Shades of Autumn



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